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Group insurance plans can be funded on a non-contributory basis (100% employer paid), a voluntary funded basis (100% employee pay all) or a contributory arrangement with the employer and the employee splitting the cost. Employer self-funded plans can be established depending on group size and type of benefit. The employee's cost for certain benefits may be paid through pre-tax payroll deductions
with an IRS Section 125 Premium Only Plan. The pre-tax deductions will reduce taxes and the employee's and employer's net cost. A wide variety of plans and benefits are available. Please contact us for a proposal. 
Our goal is to reduce your healthcare costs! 


Fully insured group health insurance plans are available for employers with 2 or more enrolled employees and 5 or more enrolled employees on a partially self-funded basis. Group health plans can be designed with tax savings in mind. Plans such as Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), IRS Section 125 Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA) or a Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP) will create employer and employee tax savings and reduce healthcare costs .

These benefits are very popular with employees! 


Group vision plans are available down to 2 enrolled employees and down to 3 enrolled employees for dental insurance. It's easy to enhance your employee benefit package at no cost by adding voluntary dental and vision plans. It will help retain employees and enhance morale. Please contact us if your group has less than the minimum numbers. Or, share this web site with your employees so they can access these benefits and purchase their own vision and dental insurance plans by clicking the link: Individual Dental and Vision Insurance Plans


Help employees protect their most valuable asset - income!
What are the chances you won't be able to work? 


A disability due to an injury or illness can happen in a spilt moment leaving an employee unable to work and earn a living. More than 25% of Americans will become disabled before they retire. Income protection or disability insurance is a vital benefit for consideration. It pays the bills and makes and financial security possible. Group short and long term disability plans are custom designed to suit the employer's needs. Disability plans are not suitable for employee pre-tax payroll deductions with contributory or voluntary funded plans. Employers can establish a group disability plan down to 2 enrolled employees.

Benefit plans for employees at no cost to the employer! 


Group voluntary plans and worksite benefits provide employers the ability to offer extra benefits to help employees protect against risks without adding extra expenses. Employees are looking to personalize their insurance plans. They want the ability to select, customize and pay for just the coverages they need and want. There's a broad selection of insurance products available. Voluntary plans are available down to 5 enrolled employees and 3 enrolled employees for worksite benefits.



Voluntary Life Insurance ~ Principal Life 

Help employees provide financial protection to their loved ones!  


Group life insurance is a very inexpensive benefit to add and will improve your overall employee benefit package. Employees can also enhance their personal life insurance portfolio when employers offer a voluntary life insurance plan. An important feature of group life insurance is guarantee issue. A specified amount of life insurance which can be issued without medical questions or exams up to a maximum amount based upon the size of the group. Plans are available down to 2 enrolled employees. 

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